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14 March 2023 / / All Sorts Of
4 February 2023 / / Zabbix
19 November 2021 / / Zabbix

As some howto’s and wiki’s disappear from the internet, and I don’t want to use the “way back machine”, here are the sql scripts which I have used to partition the Zabbix History and Trends tables. I have tested these within Mysql v5.7 and v8.0.

13 September 2021 / / Ansible

Merging Ansible with Zabbix under Debian 10.

I recenty rediscovered Ansible and wondered if I could use Ansible to create trigger actions and scripts to maintain my home lab. It turns out you can with some adjustments to the Zabbix server.

As an example I use Zabbix to monitor the available updates on my Debian vm’s. When updates are detected, I fire up my dedicated Ansible vm and run my update playbook, which works fine. The only downside is that I must boot the dedicated Ansible server and run the playbooks against the “to be updated” hosts. This is a bit time consumming and wondered if I could update the vm using Zabbix.

What if I could run the playbooks directly from within the Zabbix instance? Mmmm!

I went on the net looking for examples of such howto’s, but wasn’t able to find any. Guess I had to make my own then.

1 June 2016 / / Zabbix
31 May 2016 / / All Sorts Of

I love really appreciate Zabbix. Since I am working with Zabbix for quite some time now, I’m eager to test new releases, which I do. The most simple way is to grab the appliance from the main repo and swing it into WMware workstation (or Virtualbox for that matter).
As I know the boys and girls at Zabbis SIA are really doing there best, I have noticed some bugs configuration errors which really are annoying. Within this post I will summarize what I have found within the nice Zabbix appliances and hopefully will help you on your own Zabbix way.