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Netapp Cluster Mode Simulator Adding Disks (and shelves)

A year ago I posted a way to add more disks to the Netapp Simulator in 7-Mode (well, Peter did that in fact, just copied the post for my own reference). Soooo,.what I missed was to add additional disks to the other simulator, namely the C-mode.

Fire up your virt tool and do the following:


Part 1: Obtaining the SIM

1.1: Download the CDOT 8.2 SIM from http://support.netapp.com > Downloads > Product Evaluations > Data ONTAP Simulator > Simulator 8.x > 8.2 Clustered-ONTAP for VMware Workstation

1.2: Unpack the downloaded vsim_netapp-cm.tgz

1.3: Open the DataONTAP.vmx file with VMware Workstation

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Ram upgrade Synology Nas DS1815+

Did I tell you I really like my new Synology Nas DS1815+? Guess I did already 🙂

Kinston Value Ram ( DDR3 so-dimm 1600mhz CL11 4GB )
Kinston Value Ram ( DDR3 so-dimm 1600mhz CL11 4GB )

Today I went to one of my favorite computer stores (Paradigit in Maastricht) to pickup some extra memory for my nas. As the Synology is only packed with 2GB of ram this will not be enough if you want to add a SSD cache disk. DSM tells me it will need a additional 3GB of ram before I can use a SSD disk as cache storage. But why adding SSD?Kingston Value Ram

Well, there are two reasons. First, just because I can and secondly,  I really like the Netapp Flash Pool feature which is able to serve “hot data” faster as it is cached on the SSD disk. As we all know SSD’s are really fast when it comes to reading, and thus, serving data. The memory upgrade is the first step before I can use the SSD caching mechanism. Secondly I will wait a few weeks before putting in the SSD. Since the Nas is fairly new, all currently copied data is seen as “hot data” which is of course not true. I will give the Nas 3 weeks so it can figure out what the real “hot data” is (and because I’m a real gentleman when it comes to treating my hardware right 🙂 )