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9 June, 2016

Synology DS1815+ 16GB ram upgrade

A year ago I decided that my current Synology DS1815+ was ready to take on some extra ram. Factory delivered, the nas...

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Docker Containers, Synology, Zabbix

16 September, 2015

Synology using Docker – Zabbix/Mariadb/Grafana- Containers

Well, it took me a while, but I feel I’m on a new crossroad right now! Today I found the real power of Docker...

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Storage, Synology

8 January, 2015

Ram upgrade Synology Nas DS1815+

Did I tell you I really like my new Synology Nas DS1815+? Guess I did already 🙂 Today I went to one of my favorite...

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30 December, 2014

My new Synology DS1815+ Nas

A few weeks a go I finally received my  Synology DS1815+ Nas. Although I always have used my ZFS loving Freenas...

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